Interview with the Crew

Behind the Scenes: 5 questions for our makeup and hair stylists.

Christopher and Banks photoshoots are a time for hard work and lots of fun. Most of all, they are about collaboration and valuing every single person on the crew who contribute their expertise to create a fabulous end product. Essential to making our models look and feel glamorous in front of the lens are Reneé Garnes, our genius makeup artist, and Moiz Alladina, our master hair stylist.

Get to know Renée and Moiz with this five-question interview, taken during our recent on-location shoot in Croton-on-Hudson, New York.

Renée Garnes – Makeup Artist

How did you get your start as a makeup artist?
I started off by default. My career began as a fashion model, until one day, I tore my meniscus while rollerblading. Because of the long recovery, I was no longer able to model, so a photographer I was working with suggested I start with makeup. And that’s all it took!

Who are your style inspirations?
Diana Ross, especially in the movie Mahogany. I also love old Hollywood movies, the classic MGM pictures like Ziegfeld Follies.

If you could share one secret makeup tip for any woman, what would it be?
Many women try to draw their eyebrows on with a pencil and it ends up looking too solid and unnatural. The secret is to brush through the makeup after drawing it on with liner to give that hair-like, more natural effect.

What are the most essential products in your makeup kit?
Exfoliator. It’s always good to exfoliate the skin to get through dead particles. Hydration is also key, from the inside to the outside. Drink lots of water, then use moisturizer and essential oils, like jojoba oil to hydrate the skin. The best way for makeup to look good is for your skin to look good on its own.

Name this season’s makeup trend.
Winged eyeliner, using bold and unusual colors.

Moiz Alladina – Hair Stylist

How did you get your start as a makeup artist?
I started when I was four years old, playing with dolls and their hair, with different styles. When I was five, I cut the pigtails off of a girl I knew, so I was meant to style hair from early on. In 1983, I began working with the legendary Vidal Sassoon that definitely spurred my career.

Who are your style inspirations?
Audrey Hepburn. I am still in love with her short gamine haircut that is now iconic.

What’s one secret hair tip that any woman can take?
With hair, less is more! Stop washing your hair so often and putting way too much product in. Avoid damage and drying out your hair by washing just once a week, even if it’s just with conditioner. Using shampoo even less to preserve the oils in your hair and scalp.

If you could have one hair product in your bag, what would it be?
Dry shampoo to quickly treat oily hair on the go.

What’s the trendiest hairstyle of the season?
The bob. It has been on many runways recently, and comes back into fashion every few years.